"We Bridge The Gap To The Future"

IT Infrastructure, DataCenter Design, IT Solutions/Security, Cloud Services, AV Systems

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We simply assist our clients to implement, utilize and enhance their ICT experience by providing them with niche ICT solution that fit the needs of future IT enabled corporates

"We Bridge The Gap To The Future"

International Bridges Solutions is an independent consultancy specializing in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) established by Mohammed Baker. From the outset the decision was made to focus purely on the ICT niche and since that time we have built a reputation on providing leading-edge, tailored ICT solutions for clients drawn from the expertise and field experience of our Engineers and Consultants. Our people have the knowledge, expertise and know-how that simply cannot be matched.

International Bridges Solutions span the complete life cycle but its true value is seen from the very early stages with high level consulting directing the project as it matures into detailed project designs and implementation. We can also provide network operations and maintenance to ensure post-implementation the communications infrastructure is maintained to maximize efficiency and performance.

Our Services

Give your business the edge it needs to thrive in the 21st century and invest wisely in your technology and support services. International Bridges Solutions offers all of the IT Services your business needs

IT Infrastructure

help our clients to seamlessly harness the full potential of next generation infrastructure technology to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality, visualise the user experience, explore new opportunities, and accelerate their digital strategy and transformation in a controlled way.

DataCenter Design

Data centers are the foundation where all initiatives that drive business agility and innovation are built upon. Today, enterprise data centers go beyond the usual task of keeping core IT operations running and are paramount to ensuring the success of every transformational IT project. As a result, there is constant demand for greater flexibility, improved asset utilization, and cost-efficiency.

Cloud Services

International Bridges Solutions creates a clear path to the cloud based on your current applications, workloads and usage. Our analysis will provide you with:

1- Current State Assessment: Quantify and evaluate current IT assets, including mission-critical applications
2- Future State Architecture: Design new workflows and consumption models to maximize applications and support desired business outcomes
3- Transition And Migration Plan: Oversee migration to a Virtustream enterprise-class cloud


International Bridges Solutions is supplier and installer of cutting-edge Audio Visual, Home Technology and Professional Video systems. We provide high-quality AV equipment from leading brand at affordable prices. Our audio visual systems include videoconferencing, Cables, digital signage, HDMI Extenders and Splitters.

We delivers exceptional experiences at every point in our client relationship, from project inception through to design, delivery, ongoing service and support. We deliver projects on time and on budget, and are always aiming to exceed our customer’s expectations through our dedication to excellence.

IT Solutions

As an IT Solutions provider, international Bridges Solutions provides its customers with complete technology solutions, including hardware product fulfillment, software licensing (LAR), and a broad range of other IT services and IT solutions. These IT services include desktop virtualization, virtual environment, storage, applications, hosted voice (VoIP), security, networking, collaboration, professional IT services, and more.

IT Security

Security of enterprise assets and data is of utmost importance for any business. With threats growing at an exponential rate, enterprises are looking to move away from being reactive in their response to proactively managing threats. Today’s security initiatives find prominence as enterprises embrace new technologies that help them stay ahead of the competition while reducing the cost of operations.

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